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4 september 2020 | Suuz Kamper

2nd Value Chain Meeting | 18th of September 10:00-12:00 | Moonshot Project

Would you like to join the meeting? Use this zoom link to enter!

This Friday the second value chain meeting of the Moonshot project Circular Wind Farms will take place. Use this link to attend the meeting. As we communicated with you before, the structure of this meeting will be different than the first value chain meeting. We would like to shortly explain what you can expect and what is expected of you during this meeting.


  • Introduction & Recap VCM 1
  • Two speed date session
  • Introduction of the different sub-tracks
  • In-depth value chain conversation in the different sub-tracks
  • Wrap-up

The in-depth value chain conversations will be an interactive part of this meeting. Together with different organisations out of the value chain there will be an in-depth conversation to identify where we are now (linear) and where we aim for (circular).

To make the most out of the conversations and to give some guidance, we are going to use a model by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. You can dowload a brief explanation here.  We kindly ask you have a look at this before the meeting.

Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Each break-out room will be hosted by a conversation leader. For the composite track this will be Hans Timmers (NWEA) and James Hallworth (Port of Amsterdam). The rare earth material track will be hosted by Bastiaan Vader (NWEA). For the track nature the conversation leaders will be Erwin Coolen (De Rijke Noordzee) and Christiaan van Sluis (De Rijke Noordzee). The last track, transportation & installation, will be hosted by Dorothy Winters (AYOP) and Erik Bertholet (Groningen Seaports).


To make sure everybody is put in the right-break out session pertaining to a particular sub-track we kindly ask you to put a 1 (composite), 2 (rare earth materials), 3 (nature & environment) or 4 (transportation & installation) before your name when entering the Zoom meeting.

You can enter the Zoom meeting using the following link: If you have not registered yet for a particular sub-track you can still do this by filling out this form.

We are looking forward to hearing the voice of the industry and shape the future of circular wind farms together!


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